• YelpCamp React App

    arizk762 years ago

    Building campgrounds application using the following:

    - React js (https://reactjs.org/) as front end framework.
    - Tailwind CSS (https://tailwindcss.com/) for styling.
    - Firebase (https://firebase.google.com/) (back end as a service) for authentication, image storage and application database.
    - React-router-dom (https://reactrouter.com/docs/en/v6/getting-started/overview) for pages routing.
    - Moment js (https://momentjs.com/) library for date formatting and presentation.

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it's not responsive only good in mobile view but open in big screens everthing breaks

yes, I forgot to mention that while submitting, only mobile version is ready and also missed search functionality. Currently working on another urgent project but I submit semi final for review and feedback about current status.

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