• YelpCamp Codewell Challenge

    toscanoGithub2 years ago

    Hi everyone,
    This is my YelpCamp Codewell challenge.
    Fontend: Netlify and Backend in Heroku.
    It's a MERN project with form validation in both ends, front and back, authentication and animations.
    Still working on functionalities and I'll keep it updated.
    Your feedback is appreciated.
    Thank you

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Good job Ait, just one note, viewing campgrounds shouldn't prompt users to login, they should be able to view campgrounds without logging in.

Thank you @moeminm, I've made the changes to meet your requirements. So user can see campgrounds. but needs to authenticate in order to add a campground or review one.

Project completed. Users can register, login, add their own campgrounds, and review others campgrounds. For the image I added an image file upload instead of typing the image url. Thank you Codewell for this challenge.

There was an issue on post comment, some users kept tapping the post comment button. Fixed now, I added a spinner and disabled the Post comment button on form submit. Thank you everyone and happy coding.

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