• Spense w/Youtube solution!

    moeminm•a year ago

    Hi everyone! 👋

    If you don't already know, i'm Moemin, a designer here on Codewell. I've been recently improving my HTML and CSS skills and it's a great feeling being able to do that with Codewell, a product I helped design.

    Now obviously this solution isn't the best and is probably not that responsive, so keep that in mind while watching the Youtube video which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJBJ7trAPcTR3UmSbDDQywg

    Let me know your thoughts and i'm looking forward to learning with everyone! 😃

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👋Hi Moemin! 👍Good job on this one! I have some suggestions to improve this solution: * For the company logos section, I recommend to make it one column on mobile, since right now they are too small on my mobile device. * I recommend to always use double quotes instead of single quote for all HTML attribute, like this. It is just common practice. <div class="container"></div> * For all img tags, you need to have alt (alternative text) attribute. You can leave the `alt=""` empty if the images are decorative only. * For the "Get Started" button, you should have `type="submit"` since that will be submit an email if this is a real website. * I recommend to use `ul` and `li` tags for the list of links and the list of company logos. * Heading tags must go in order, which means you need to use h1, then h2, then h3, and so on. * I recommend to use `rem` or sometimes `em` instead of `px`. Using `rem` or `em` will allow the user to control the size of your page based on their browser setting. * I recommend to wrap all your content except the footer with `main` tag. * For the `footer`, I recommend to use `footer` element instead of a `section` tag. Tips for validating your code: * Always validate your HTML first before you upload to the internet. You can use this official HTML validator from W3C Link: https://validator.w3.org * Also for the CSS: Link: https://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/ That's it! And keep learning!

Quality feedback, thank you vanzasetia for taking the time to jot all this down. Can't say I disagree with anything, appreciate the support!

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