• Spense Landing Page

    saurab0153 years ago

    A good project for practising grid layouts. I made a copy of the Codewell Challenges page to display all the challenges I made.
    I enjoyed making all 6 projects(Spense, Fiber, IndieBrew, Commune, TimeNow, Unifeed Landing Page). I didn't spend much time styling hamburger menus, Websites are fully responsive, BEM naming convection is used in all the projects. Any suggestions and improvements would be appreciated.

    • 5

This is simply awesome! I love you mimicked the challenges pages in Codewell to present your projects. The animation on the TimeNow template is also really creative, one thing worth practicing is changing the data inside the pricing table when the toggle is used in the TimeNow template. I have no suggestions to give but again, this is awesome! 🔥

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