• Spense Code Well Challenge

    toscanoGithub2 years ago

    This is my submission on Spense Code Well Challenge.
    Used technologies:

    • React js.
    • Material UI

    I wasn't able to setup the hero image where the little box is partially visible.
    May be if there is a hero image without the little box that I could easily rebuild and position as in the assets designs. I'm talking about the box with April earnings text and Withdraw button.

    Your feedback is appreciated. Thank you

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Initial thoughts, it's really good! My feedback would be to center the nav items in the navbar, perhaps reduce to container's width (it's currently too wide). As for the April Earnings box, you could set the image to position relative, and position the box absolute to it. It shouldn't take too much time to implement. Good job nonetheless! :D

Thank you @moeminm, I’ve changed the navigation. For the Earnings box, you’re right that’s exactly what I should do but I don’t have a separated Hero image without the April Earnings box. Thank you for your time.

Navigation is looking much better! You're right, i've just added the hero image without the box in the Assets folder, make sure to re-download the files if you want access to it, and thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention!

Thank you. Downloaded and updated my assets as well as the implementation Earnings box. Keep safe.

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