• Snipper Landing Page.

    cotybro3 years ago

    Any and All feedback welcome!!
    Wasn't able to change the hero image's since they weren't in the assets file.

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Looks like you've done a wonderful job, my only comment is to remove the underlines under the buttons! Can you let me know which image was missing from the asset file so I can update it? Thank you!

ahh yes I forgot the underline thank you! and the hero images for the tablet and mobile I only had the desktop image.

unless the figma design is a little off shows different assets for desktop tablet and mobile.

Thanks for reporting this, will look into it and update the Figma files!

You've done a great job on desktop! Remove the underlines and you should be fine... But the mobile view is similar is similar to desktop and just looks as if it has been shrunken down. Take a bit more time to make it like the original.

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