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  • Snipper Landing Page - My First Codewell Challenge

    ProgramistaZpolski‚ÄĘ2 years ago

    I made this in about an hour. I had the most problems with responsiveness, since I had a lot of trouble positioning the image at the bottom of the hero section. I used my own CSS Framework (https://github.com/ProgramistaZpolski/pzplUI/) for some of the styling on the page. A CSS Function that was very useful to me was clamp (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/clamp()), as it automatically picks the best widths and heights for the current screen size, allowing me to write a bit less media queries.

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Love the work you've done and the fact that it's responsive. My only 2 comments is that the image technically isn't 'stuck' at the bottom and that the items in the footer change to a hamburger menu on mobile. Other than that, great job!

<b>I actually haven't noticed the hamburger menu on mobile - thanks for pointing it out!</b>

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