• Meeet Challenge Solution

    cmarchena2 years ago

    The most difficult part has been positioning all the images according to the design. The title with the embedded image was something to think about. I split the word in two spans and played with z-index. Please let me know if there is a easier or better way.

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Correct link to live demo https://competent-elion-cbde7a.netlify.app

First thing Ur Twitter logo is fixed change it. And responsiveness is sucked first divide everything in parts and make it full responsive first like logo first then the main section then the footer.

Hi. Great work. I dwelled into this for a while. I'm reckon there might be an autonomous way but here is a simplified syntax. <h1>Meet New Entrepre<span style="z-index: 4;margin: 0;">neurs</span></h1> Instead of using two spans, just use one and remove all the margins from that span.

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