Meeet Waitlist Template

A fun and simple project to practice responsiveness and positioning.

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    • Hey 👋,
      Im really new to coding so my solution isn't perfect ofc but I hope you like it.
      If you got some feedback for me hmm :).

      This challenge was really fun.

      2 things I've learned are following:

      1. I just realized that you should give images absolute width and height (Avatar images).

      1. After trying and trying I realized that you can only use the z-index correctly when the items aren't position:static anymore. They should have a position attribute like absolute or relative then the z-index will work fine.

      I'm not a Native American so my English isn't that good.
      I hope you were able to understand my text.
      Thank you for reading and looking at my project.

      Kind regards 👋

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