• Onedeck-codewell-challange

    SubhadipKundu19993 months ago

    ## Built with
    - HTML5
    - CSS
    - JavaScript

    ## My process

    - I coded maximum things by using CSS flex as I am pretty comfortable with that.

    - At first, I coded for the desktop version.

    - To make the header section responsive for all screen devices I have set left and right padding to 12%; for large screen devices and for small screens it was reduced to 3% only.

    - I coded a simple script file containing the logic behind the open and close process. The dropdown opens if the user clicks the product link for the large screen and the menu button for a small screen and closes when the close icon is clicked.

     - the Hero section was also designed by Flexbox. the right div of the hero-section will display only for large-scale devices.
    - The last section is a responsive brand companies grid.

    Biggest Challenges

    - To make the header section responsive, I gave a lot of effort but it was a great practice

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