Hey Loctong! Looks like you've got this pretty good on 1920x1080 but it looks like it breaks at smaller breakpoints (<1080, you can check how it looks on other devices by using the developer tools on any browser), so that may worth looking at using Media Queries. Good start though!

Hi, moeminm! Thanks for your comments. I am on the way to update Thanks

btw, It is working well with Ipad (768) :D

Hmm, weird, iPad looks broken on my screen (maybe cuz i'm using Safari 👀)

- raster image of diagram should be made vector, maybe using the svg path from the figma file, and adding a color linear gradient. - colors are grey for all the cards, but should be white. - scroll behaviour is non-existent. There is going to be lots of rows on the tables. - margins/paddings are all different to the figma file. - font sizes and font weights are all different to the figma file. - horizontal scrolling is needed to see the referral image, and then the top-nav logos don't stay in place. - everything overfows its containers with a small window. Would recommend fixed sizing for the graph / referral vertically to prevent overflow (e.g. 400px).

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