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    # Welcome to Codewell! 👋

    Codewell's aim is to provide you with real-world design templates that you can use to practice your HTML and CSS projects. 

    Free or paid, all templates are high quality and will make great portfolio pieces.

    ### I've completed the challenge, now what?

    We recommend using one of these two websites to deploy your projects

    - [GitHub Pages](https://pages.github.com/)
    - [Netlify](https://www.netlify.com/)

    They're super easy to setup and you should have your website up and running in no time, just follow their instructions.

    ### Submit your solution to Codewell

    Visit the relevant challenge on [Codewell](https://codewell.cc) and click on 'Submit Solution' right under the challenge.
    Enter all the title, Github repo URL, Live URL (Netlify or GH Pages), and tell the community what challenges you've faced.

    ### Join our community on Slack

    If you want more real-time communication, you can visit our community on [Slack](https://join.slack.com/t/codewell-hq/shared_invite/zt-ni8c9g8h-gNYWrmqQ3Uh37dcLg9~LMQ). 

    ### Fonts Used


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