Gradie Sign Up Page

Gradie is a simple sign up page, great to practice centering layouts and absolute positioning.

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    • Gradie Page

      Gabrielbe174 hours ago

      First time in this platform, this challenge was made using SASS and HTML, it took more than i expected, there's probably some issus, let me know please!

    • Gradie Signup Page

      felipehimself5 days ago


      I'm new to programming and I'm mainly focused in JS than CSS, which I consider harder than JS hahaha

      This challenge was ok and I could brush up on my CSS skills (oh god lol) . It's responsive in mobile, desktop and tablet.

      Please feel free to tell me whichever you want and give me any piece of advice you guys may have.

    • Gradie Login Panel

      imxbartus6 days ago

      I know the chechbox doesnt work, because of apperance: none, but i could style it without it.

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