Fiber Landing Page

An online portfolio generator. Great to practice flex/grid layouts, absolute positioning and sliders.

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    • Fiber landing page

      HakikiAhmedDjeber5 days ago

      I have used HTML and CSS if you have any advice you can give it, thanks

    • Fiber Landing Page

      Bekithemba-Mdlulia month ago

      Since there was no design for the mobile navigation I implemented a simple backdrop and nav menu. I used Sass html and vanilla javascript. This was a good exercise to test my web development skills.

    • This project extremely flexed my CSS superpowers and I'd like to share a code snippet of something I did.

      The code below was used to place the image in the moreinfo-section within the div. I was so excited about this and decided to share. Check the live site for more info on what I'm talking about.

      .moreinfo-section_img img {
          position: relative;
          left: -40%;
          width: 180%;
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