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    sou-gabrielโ€ข2 years ago

    The development of this resolution took place through HTML, SCSS and JavaScript technologies. I sought through this challenge to leverage my CSS skills by exploring and applying various concepts unknown to me.

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Looks REALLY good. My 2c are as follows: The image on the second post seems VERY stretched out on Safari (looks fine on Chrome and Firefox). For the live stream on the right, ideally the live, viewer count, and title should be actually components instead of an image. Other than that, great job!

Also just wanted to add that I've seen your other Codewell challenges and you seem to have a really good grasp on converting designs to actual websites in terms of dimensions, keep at it man!

Thanks for the advice and encouragement. It was a pleasure to read that my work is being done well. I will seek to improve it even more. Thank you very much man ๐Ÿ˜€

Nice work! Here are some thoughts from looking at this. I liked your semantic use of html elements including the time element. I think the width on the header is a bit suprising: width: clamp(374px, 86vw, 1240px); I think some padding around it might be simpler (20px for mobile, 40px for tablet and up). The input is not an input. Positioning the button in an input is tricky though. The min-width for the media query on the final large screen grid layout is 1024px. Which a few hundred pixels less than the actual width of all the content so it overflows for some screen sizes and messes up your header too.

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